Planning Advice Note 2/2010: Affordable Housing and Housing Land Audits

Advice on affordable housing and housing land audits.


  • Scottish Planning Policy ( SPP) is the statement of the Scottish Government's policy on nationally important land use planning matters.
  • National Planning Framework ( NPF) is the Scottish Government's strategy for Scotland's long term spatial development.
  • Circulars, which also provide statements of the Scottish Government's policy, contain guidance on policy implementation through legislative or procedural change.

Statements of Scottish Government policy in the SPP, NPF, Designing Places, Designing Streets and Circulars may be material considerations to be taken into account in development plans and development management decisions.

Designing Places, Designing Streets and the West Edinburgh Planning Framework have the same status in decision making as the SPP and NPF.

Planning Advice Notes ( PANs) provide advice and information on technical planning matters.

Design Advice Guidance will provide guidance and information on design matters covering a range of practical projects and roles.

Further information on the Scottish Government's role in the planning system is available on



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