Pesticides: code of practice for using plant protection products in Scotland

The code is aimed at all professional users of plant protection products (pesticides) in Scotland.

B: foreword

A message from Ross Finnie, Minister for Environment and Rural Development

'I am happy to give my full support to the new code of practice for using plant protection products in Scotland. The new code replaces the "green code" (code of practice for the safe use of pesticides on farms and holdings) which has been an important source of practical advice for farmers, crofters and growers on how to use pesticides safely and, by doing so, to meet the legal obligations which cover the use of pesticides.

The new code reflects Scottish Executive policy to reduce to the lowest possible level the effect of pesticide use on people, wildlife, plants and the environment while making sure that pests, diseases and weeds are effectively controlled. Many of the environmental protection schemes launched under the voluntary initiative represent current best practice and the benefits of these and other measures are explained in the code.

As well as bringing the advice in the old "green code" up to date, the Scottish Executive have taken this opportunity to widen the scope of the code to cover all plant protection uses of pesticides. By doing this, we have aimed to produce a single publication which will be relevant and of practical value to all professional users of pesticides in agriculture, horticulture, amenity situations and forestry.

I thank everyone who has contributed ideas and comments both before and during the public consultation period. I believe, we have produced an up to date and readable document which will encourage best practice whenever plant protection products are used.'

Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department
Pentland House
47 Robb's Loan
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