Coronavirus (COVID-19): Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - action plan

Scotland’s COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Plan will help ensure that the right PPE of the right quality gets to the people who need it at the right time. The Plan’s scope includes health, social care and other workplaces and settings where COVID-19 could put people at risk.

Annex A

Summary of PPE Supplied to Health and Social Care Settings Since Pandemic Outbreak

Figure 2. Overall PPE Weekly Shipments from NHS NSS. [20]
The marked decrease in September is due to health boards having strong local stock holdings, and therefore less requirement for frequent shipments.
Figure 2 plots weekly shipments of PPE from NHS NSS, peaking mid-April at 24,496,200 items.

4. Table 1 below summarises the amount of PPE in total that this has required NHS NSS to supply to health and social care settings.

Table 1: NHS Scotland and Social Care: Totals at 1 October [21]
Number of PPE items delivered to hospitals since 1 March 328 million
Number delivered to Social Care Organisations since 1 March 147 million
Number delivered to community care since 1 March 49 million
Number of PPE items held at National Distribution Centre 172 million
PPE items on order to arrive within 12 weeks 479 million



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