Personal Footcare Guidance

The overall aim of the personal footcare guidance is to improve the way in which personal footcare is supported and delivered through the implementation of good practice guidance.

1: Introduction

Good footcare really matters to people and regular personal footcare can help individuals to remain active, mobile and independent. Foot problems can lead to discomfort, pain, infection, ulceration and an increased risk of falling in older people. Personal footcare can contribute to a reduction of these problems by preventing them or by identifying them at an early stage.

Many individuals are able to carry out personal footcare themselves or with the help of relatives or a carer. However, for those who cannot, it is important that they can easily get assistance or local support.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Describe what is meant by personal footcare
  • Provide clarity on the services and interventions that NHS podiatry services offer
  • Provide examples of models that can support local provision of personal footcare
  • Provide information on the educational resources available which offer help and support both for individuals and care providers in the provision of personal footcare

Who should read this information?

  • Strategic leaders in health and social care service providers e.g. executive directors in health boards and local authorities
  • Managers in health, social care, third and independent sectors, who are involved in planning or providing personal footcare services
  • Managers of care at home services and their staff
  • Managers of care homes and their staff
  • Podiatry Managers and staff in NHS Boards
  • Individuals who may need help with personal footcare
  • Relatives, friends and carers who provide personal footcare support


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