The People's Panel - cost of living: research findings

Research findings from the 'People's Panel' on the cost of living from March 2022 to March 2023. This publication also details the background and motivation for developing the People’s Panel, how it was delivered and what impact it has made.

Appendix B: Timeline of how an event runs

Date confirmed

  • Call out for notetakers/facilitators
  • Arrange briefing/debrief meetings for notetakers/facilitators
  • Confirm date and attendance with panel members

2 weeks before

  • Contact with policy teams for topics requiring panel input
  • Organise thank you vouchers

1 week before

  • Make, confirm and circulate project plan
  • Confirm times with speakers and deadline for slides
  • Send event reminder to panel members
  • Create post event surveys

2 days before

  • Produce facilitator and notetaker briefing packs

1 day before

  • Send invite to attendees and allocate breakout groups
  • Send briefing packs
  • Send documents to panel members

Event day

  • Chair leads whole panel
  • Speakers, facilitators and notetakers attend allocated sessions
  • Online chat for notetakers/facilitators
  • Team assist with technical support, breakout rooms and available for mental health first aid
  • Confirm attendance and buy/send vouchers
  • Post event – thank you and post event survey

Post event

  • Debrief session for notetakers/facilitators
  • Analysis and write up of interim panel findings
  • Report shared with policy teams, Ministers and relevant Scottish Government colleagues within 10 days
  • Analysis of post event survey



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