Parental Involvement and Engagement Census Scotland 2021/22

Statistical publication providing information on the Parental Involvement and Engagement Census 2021/22.

Published Statistics

The statistics set out the percentage of responses for those parents/carers who responded. The base cohort may differ across questions as all of the questions are voluntary.

The data is not weighted, and so may not be representative of the parent/carer community for primary schools, secondary schools, and special schools or special units. As noted above, there is not a population base available to Scottish Government to enable the calculation of weights.

As noted above the PIE Census is a self-selection survey. Additionally, the questions are voluntary, respondents can move past a question without responding. Some questions included a “Prefer not to say” response option.

  • where a response was not provided, these are excluded from the percentage calculations.
  •  “Prefer not to say” responses are included in the percentage calculations.

For these reasons there is bias in the sample data. This results in a sample of individuals that is not representative of the overall population. It is not possible to calculate potential bias.

Therefore, the percentages are not nationally representative of all parents/carers and the determination of causation is made more difficult due to the self-selection model. This makes it difficult to generalize the findings from the sample data to the overall population of interest.


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