Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Scottish Government: operating framework

Sets out how we will work with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, including roles and responsibilities.


40. HIS will advise SG in advance of significant announcements by HIS or where there may be matters of public/media/political interest. Similarly, SG will keep HIS informed of any announcements that may directly impact on the areas of responsibility of HIS and where such announcements may impinge on wider strategic relationships.

41. HIS will routinely share its publications with SG in support of a good working and transparent relationship. They will ensure both organisations are aware in advance of any intentions that may impact either party.

42. HIS and the SG Sponsor Function will work together, using a range of mechanisms (e.g. Networks within SG) to raise awareness, identify risks, gaps and areas of overlap in commissions as well as opportunities for joint and future working.

43. Both HIS and SG Communications Leads will work collaboratively to make sure that relevant opportunities and issues are shared to maximise impact.

44. Where appropriate, HIS will support Minister’s priorities by, for example, providing data and/or visit opportunities.

45. In addition, press enquiries will be highlighted to each other where there could be overlap or where the issue could become contentious.

46. HIS and SG Communications will meet regularly to discuss potential opportunities and areas of common interest and review outcomes of communications activities undertaken.



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