Open with Care – supporting people in adult care homes to have meaningful contact with others: progress report

This report summarises progress with the implementation of Open with Care - supporting meaningful contact in care homes guidance since publication. The report recognises the excellent progress and identifies key actions where care homes and partners can improve and embed good quality, meaningful contact as the norm.

Meaningful contact, Meaningful Lives

Continued progress to improving, embedding and normalising meaningful contact for residents remains a priority. Looking ahead, it will also be important to resume and develop meaningful lives for all residents, including those who do not have regular contact with family and friends.

As Scotland moves to fewer restrictions, this should mean a more normalised life for care home residents and society as a whole. Care homes are people's homes and we must ensure that people have meaningful lives with others in the home, with loved ones from outside the home, and enjoying important activities away from the care home. National work will shortly begin to support the sector to do this safely and well. This aims to continue and build on the invaluable partnership learning over the last year such that there is a collective focus on vibrant and connected settings for those for whom a care home is their home.



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