Onshore wind - policy statement refresh 2021: consultative draft

Seeks views on our ambition to secure an additional 8-12 GW of installed onshore wind capacity by 2030, how to tackle the barriers to deployment, and how to secure maximum economic benefit from these developments.

Annex 2: Aviation and renewables collaboration board

1. The Scottish Government proposes the formation a high-level group tasked with mapping the opportunities, risks and challenges associated with continued development and co-existence of these sectors. This group will not have a technical focus, but may direct sub-groups to assess and evaluate technical aspects where it deems it necessary or useful.

2. We propose this board should consider, but not be limited to, the following issues:


Policy and Regulation to allow safe airport operation and windfarm development


Airspace Modernisation and the future Surveillance Environment, as it relates to the intersection between

Developing radar Technologies

Electronic Conspicuity

Holistic approach to radar mitigation

Integration of UAS and UTM from both airspace user perspective as well as support to the wind industry

Transparent cost structures which are ultimately cost-neutral
(i.e., costs associated are proportionate to services delivered)

Aviation Lighting

Planning and Consenting regime


Carbon Neutral Campuses


Electrification of campuses using both on-site renewable generation and PPA's.

Considerations of net-neutrality of other operations.


Electric vehicle usage


Supporting the increased use of electric transport.


Contractual and Financial Issues


Financial arrangements between large electricity users and generators.


Networks and Grid


Considerations of increased grid requirements around aerodromes.

3. In order to properly serve these issues we propose that this group will include senior representation from:

Aviation regulator (the CAA)

Aviation policy

Renewables Policy

Defence Policy and Capability

Hydrogen Policy

Networks and Grid

Local Energy

Supply Chain


Infrastructure and Investment

Representatives of the Renewables Industry

Representatives of the Aviation Industry

4. Terms of Reference for this group will be determined by the group itself in due course.

Annex 2: Aviation and renewables collaboration board – consultation questions

30. We are clear on the value and importance of strategic and productive collaboration between the aviation and wind energy sectors.

What are your thoughts on our proposed restructuring of the current effort and activity in this area, and the proposed Aviation and Renewables Collaboration Board?

31. The work of the Aviation and Renewables Collaboration Board may identify and agree the need technical or strategic investment to achieve specific goals or outcomes.

What are your views on how work of this kind might be financed?



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