Onshore wind: policy statement 2022

Sets out our ambition to deploy 20GW of onshore wind by 2030, as well as details on the formation of an onshore wind strategic leadership group, who will develop an onshore wind sector deal.

Annex 3: Collaborative Working: Hagshaw Cluster

Collaborative Working – Hagshaw Cluster

The Scottish Government is aware of the extensive work undertaken between NatureScot, East Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire Councils, working with, ScottishPower Renewables, 3R energy, BayWa.re, Ventient Energy, Energiekontor, Octopus Energy and LUC, to produce a Development Framework for the Hagshaw Energy Cluster.

Picture shows first page of the Development Framework with an illustrated image of what the cluster currently looks like from an aerial view

Aerial view of Hagshaw Energy Cluster

Picture shows the current Hagshaw Energy Cluster.

Image of Hagshaw Energy Cluster

schematic plan of cluster.

This picture shows a schematic plan which identifies indicative areas of opportunity where potential benefits could be delivered. Specific projects/proposals will be subject to land-owner approval, further detailed surveys and development, and all other necessary consents.

The cluster is a collaborative project piloting a new way to plan for onshore wind energy in Scotland. The Development Framework sets out a vision for how the energy cluster will evolve between now and 2045, with the inclusion of local communities. Helping to guide the deployment of further energy generation and influence the investment of roughly £2.7million of investment through the renewable energy fund each year.

The framework is designed to support a just transition to net zero, by putting in a place a more structured approach to the deployment of onshore wind energy and other low carbon energy technologies, and established five key aims:

1. Support the efficient delivery of the renewable energy potential of the cluster, taking account of all appropriate technologies and the optimisation, extension and repowering of existing wind farms

2. Maximise the social, economic and environment benefits of renewable energy development within the cluster

3. Support the just transition to a low carbon future through a place-based approach

4. Minimise adverse impacts of development on the environment and local communities

5. Deliver investment in nature to enhance climate change and biodiversity resilience

The draft Development Framework was passed for consultation purposes by East Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire's planning committees and a period of public consultation started in October 2022.

A Development Officer has been appointed by South Lanarkshire Council to implement the Framework, with financial support from Greencoat and Naturescot.

We anticipate that this document will be formally adopted by both authorities by the end of 2022, with the Framework identifying opportunities to enhance and invest in the local environment, communities and place.

Illustration of nature based solutions.

Image shows illustration depicting opportunities for peatland restoration and the delivery of other nature-based solutions in response to the challenges of a changing climate and the biodiversity

Illustration of people using their outdoor space.

Image shows illustration depicting utilising and enhancing existing and historic infrastructure to create safe and accessible links between communities, helping people connect and feel connected with their neighbours


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