Onshore wind: policy statement 2022

Sets out our ambition to deploy 20GW of onshore wind by 2030, as well as details on the formation of an onshore wind strategic leadership group, who will develop an onshore wind sector deal.


Deployment of onshore wind is mission-critical for meeting our climate targets. As an affordable and reliable source of electricity generation, we must continue to maximise our natural resource and deliver net-zero in a way that is fully aligned with, and continues to protect, our natural heritage and native flora and fauna.

Our renewed commitment to this technology will ensure we keep leading the way in onshore wind deployment and support within the UK. We are establishing a clear expectation of delivery with our ambition for a minimum installed capacity of 20 GW of onshore wind in Scotland by 2030 and providing a vehicle for that delivery through the creation of our Onshore Wind Strategic Leadership Group.

Onshore wind will remain an essential part of our energy mix and climate change mitigation efforts, but we are also in a nature crisis. Onshore wind farms must strike the right balance in how we care for and use our land,

and we expect the onshore wind industry in Scotland to take up the following challenges:

  • Showcase considered schemes that will not just mitigate impact but also improve and enhance our natural environment - identifying opportunities to secure positive outcomes for peatlands, forestry and biodiversity.
  • Embrace bespoke management plans which incorporate industry-wide advances in thinking as well as site-specific knowledge to ensure the optimum outcome.
  • Actively engage with relevant authorities, agencies and government to ensure effective collaboration as we work together to support our net zero and nature ambitions.

We trust industry to embrace the principles of a just transition to a net zero economy, ensuring that communities across Scotland feel the benefits of this transition. Our community benefits and shared ownership good practice principles provide a clear benchmark for the sector, and we must ensure that industry continue to deliver on these expectations.

The Scottish Government also expects all onshore wind developments in Scotland to support our national and local supply chains, capitalising on the opportunity to secure significant increases in local content, increase our skilled workforce, see greater diversity and for our energy sector to continue to boost our local economies.

As onshore wind is deployed at greater volume over the coming decade, we must collectively maximise the economic, social and environmental benefits in a way that meets the needs of Scottish citizens and our future generations.


Email: OnshoreWindPolicy@gov.scot

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