No One Left Behind: review of employability services

Steps the Scottish Government will take to develop an employability system which is flexible, joined-up and responsive.

Changing Priorities

These ambitions are set in an ever changing context. Overall, Scotland’s labour market is performing well and the employability interventions delivered at both local and national level have contributed to that success. For example, our Developing the Young Workforce strategy delivered a 40% reduction in youth unemployment four years ahead of schedule, and our latest labour market statistics (November 2018) show women and young people continue to have better employment and unemployment outcomes in Scotland than in the UK.

However, we know that many groups continue to face real challenges in the labour market. For example, we have a persistent disability employment gap in Scotland, and other groups such as people experiencing homelessness continue to struggle to find sustainable work. Given changes in the labour market, the devolution of more employability powers, and the successful launch of Fair Start Scotland, this review provided an opportunity to look again at our employability system and work with our partners to develop a new delivery model that can deliver better outcomes for all.

Our aim is to build on the successes we have had and the knowledge we have gained to ensure our purpose, values, and the principles of dignity, fairness and respect, which are embedded in Fair Start Scotland, underpin how we help people develop their skills, find and sustain work, and move into the career of their choice.

At the same time, we must ensure that we have a system which is flexible enough to meet changing demands over time, for example to deal with the continued uncertainty being caused by Britain’s exit from the European Union.

From all that we have heard through the review, we believe there is an opportunity, by working together, to deliver, change and develop the next phase of a more integrated and better aligned employability system in Scotland that helps everyone to fulfil their potential in the labour market.

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