Older people and employment in Scotland: research

An examination of attitudes and issues surrounding an older workforce.

Annex C: Employer Information Sheet

Employment amongst the over 50s in Scotland: information sheet for employers.

What is the purpose of the study?

This study aims to increase understanding of how employers in Scotland are responding to the opportunities and challenges presented by the employment of older workers (aged 50 and over).

The abolition of the default retirement age, combined with recent rises in the state pension age, have important implications for employers and employees. However, little is known about employers' views and experiences relating to these changes.

How will the study be carried out?

During February 2017 we will conduct focus groups with employers from a range of sectors to explore their experiences of employing older workers. We will explore:

  • current approaches to managing later-life working
  • pensions provision and retirement planning
  • new models of employment policy and practice, such as phased retirement and flexible working,
  • desired support from Scottish Government

In a separate part of the study, we will interview workers aged 50+ about their experiences of working in later life, and their views on retirement.

The research will be used to:

  • inform the development of Scottish Government policy on the employment of older people
  • develop good practice information for employers in relation to supporting and managing an older workforce.

The study has been funded by the Scottish Government. It is being carried out by Professor Wendy Loretto and Dr Laura Airey, who are researchers at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

What are the benefits of participation in the study?

Benefits to participating employers are likely to include:

  • the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and solutions with other employers involved in the study
  • the opportunity to contribute to shaping and defining employer good practice in this high profile public policy area
  • a summary report containing guidance for employers on good practice in managing an older workforce
  • the opportunity to attend a stakeholder launch event at which the findings from this study will be presented

To participate in the study, or to find out more, please contact:

Dr Laura Airey: laura.airey@ed.ac.uk
0131 651 1035

Professor Wendy Loretto: W.Loretto@ed.ac.uk
0131 650 4102


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