Obesity indicators 2015

Latest data for indicators selected to monitor progress for our Prevention of Obesity Route Map (2010). Most indicators are updated up to 2014, but for some indicators data are more or less up-to-date than this.

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Healthy Working Lives Awards[15]

Indicator Source: Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives.

Latest Results

  • In October 2015 there are currently 1,055 organisations registered for the Healthy Working Lives Award Programme, representing a total of more than 763,000 employees.
  • Of these, 561 organisations have attained at least a Bronze award. A further 494 organisations are actively working towards their first award.

Figure 18. Organisations registered for Healthy Working Lives Awards
(including awards attained), October 2015


About This Indicator

Desired Outcome:
Promotion of active workplaces.

Relevant Route Map action:
Maximise promotion of healthy lives approach in public sector through clear, consistent vision.

Geography available:
National, Health Board.

Equalities data:
Not applicable.

Rationale for including this indicator:

The aim of this indicator is to assess the take-up of Healthy Working Lives Awards by companies. The indicator will show the level of award (Gold, Silver, Bronze) as well as the number of companies working towards their Bronze award - hence providing both an indication of the general awareness and take-up of the scheme, and the proportion of companies providing the highest level of support.

A high level of evidence exists in literature for the effectiveness of multi-component workplace interventions with a low to moderate rating for potential population effectiveness. The ScotPHN engagement process for the Route Map assessed the action as having high impact with low to medium effort.

Factors influencing this indicator:

  • Availability and affordability of healthy choices.


Email: Daniel Adams

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