North-east Lewis Marine Protected Area: business and regulatory impact assessment

An assessment of the business and regulatory impacts of designating the North-east Lewis Marine Protected Area.

Proposal and conservation objectives

The Scottish Government proposes to designate the North-east Lewis as an MPA to further its conservation objectives.

North-east Lewis pMPA encompasses two biodiversity features: Risso's dolphin and sandeels. The protected features also include Quaternary of Scotland interests (represented by glaciated channels/troughs, landscape of areal glacial scour and megascale glacial lineations) and Marine Geomorphology of the Scottish Shelf Seabed interests (represented by the longitudinal bedform field).

Summary of Features and Conservation Objective - North-east Lewis pMPA
Feature Type Proposed Protected Feature Conservation Objective
Biodiversity Risso's dolphin Conserve
Biodiversity Sandeels Conserve
Geodiversity Marine geomorphology of the Scottish shelf Conserve
Geodiversity Quaternary of Scotland Conserve



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