Non-sexual violence in Scotland: report

Findings on the most up to date, complementary statistics on non-sexual violence in Scotland.

9.2 Annex 2 – Methodological Discussion

9.2.1 Additional Notes on Data Sources

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey collects a range of detailed information about the characteristics of victims and the circumstances in which crimes occur. 

The survey is a National Statistics product. It is is conducted annually and asks a random sample of adults living in private households in Scotland about their experiences and perceptions of crime. 

Further methodological information about the survey can be found here.

Police Recorded Crime:

This data includes the following publications:

Criminal Proceedings:

This data includes offences dealt with by courts, sentencing outcomes and characteristics of convicted offenders.

Hospital Admissions:

Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR01), Unintentional Injuries Statistics. SMR01 is the General / Acute and Inpatient Day Case dataset which collects episode level data on hospital inpatient and day case discharges from acute specialities from hospitals in Scotland. This data provides information on emergency admissions to hospital when an injury has occurred through violence. Includes analysis from 2008-09 to 2017-18. 


Throughout this report, all numbers are reported to the level of precision used in the original source.

Information on gender is presented within this report with binary information split by male/female, reflecting the information provided by the relevant agencies. 



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