Non-Domestic Rates Privacy Notice

As part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to monitor existing policies and to develop new ones, it needs to collect and use information about non-domestic properties on the valuation roll.

This document is part of a collection

For example, information on the rateable value, business type and rates reliefs associated with individual properties on the Roll. Some of these properties will have proprietors, tenants or occupiers that are sole traders, business partnerships, or citizens. It is the personal information about this subset of properties and their proprietors, tenants or occupiers which this privacy notice covers.

The information is collected, processed, analysed (and results disseminated and published where appropriate) by the Scottish Government (Local Government and Analytical Services Division, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ).

This privacy notice explains what information we collect, why we need this information, how we use it and what we do to protect the information supplied to us.

Non-domestic rates privacy notice


The Data Protection Officer for this data is the Scottish Government Data Protection and Information Assets (DPIAT) team, If you have any concerns around this data collection please contact the DPIAT team, or Brenda Campbell head of Local Government and Analytical Services ( Alternatively complaints may be raised with the Information Commissioners Office at

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