Non-domestic rates/Council Tax second and empty homes consultation: partial impact assessments

Partial impact assessments relating to the consultation on council tax for second and long term empty homes, and thresholds for non-domestic rates.

7. Pre-screening for the Strategic Environmental Assessment

7.1 This is a pre-screening notification with regard to whether a full Strategic Environmental Assessment is required.

7.2 It is our view that the new powers being consulted on would have no impact on most environmental receptors. Receptors such as human health, population and material assets, which are likely to experience some positive effects from these new powers, are still considered to be safely within the minimal threshold and therefore exempt from Strategic Environmental Assessment as per Section 7 of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

Impact assessment combined document

Signed off by: Jessica Niven

Position: Head of Housing Markets and Home Ownership

Date: 28 March 2023



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