Non-Binary Equality Working Group: report and recommendations - March 2022

The Working Group on Non-Binary Equality was formed by the Scottish Government to consider ways to improve the lives of non-binary people. This report is the result of their work, including 35 detailed recommendations covering practical ways to make a lasting, meaningful difference.

Lived Experience Reflections: "Anndra"

Three of the community members who took part in the Non-Binary Working Group wrote reflections on being part of the process. These are their words.

Being non-binary is, at its simplest, an inner recognition that my gender exists outside of binary identities. In recognising this simple fact, I have found a much more honest understanding of myself, and with it acceptance, community, and inner freedom – which I hope becomes wider freedom with the end of the group.

I joined the working group through LGBT Youth Scotland, after being involved in advocating for the GRA reform with them. As a non-binary person, the GRA reform falling short of offering non-binary recognition was a disappointment, and safety, security and freedom felt far off.

The working group presented an opportunity to continue to advocate for the basic rights and recognition we, as humans, deserve.

Better still, the working group allowed people with lived experience – like mine, and the other non-binary people on the team – to lead the discussions and make recommendations that truly give us the same freedoms as others, and protect us where needed, in place of people speaking for us and guessing what our needs may be.

I have hope, as we end this working group and make our recommendations, that people will start to recognise that the urgent calls for support, recognition and respect that non-binary and transgender people have made are just that – calls for respect – and not outlandish requests, as some present them.

I worry we may not be taken seriously, or that the vital calls we have made may be pushed to the side or buried under other policies. However, I am proud of what the group has achieved overall and I'm choosing to remain hopeful that non-binary recognition and support is a vital step in Scotland's ongoing choice to be a leader in equality.



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