Non-binary equality action plan

The actions we will take to improve equality and bring about real, positive and lasting change to the lives of non-binary people in Scotland


1 Trans terms - Scottish Trans

2 The question used in Scotland’s Census 2022 was “Do you consider yourself to be trans or have a trans history?” and could be answered by “Yes” or “No”. There was a free-text option provided where respondents who chose “Yes” could specify whether they identified as non-binary or another trans identity. This question was voluntary and asked to people aged 16 or over.

3 The PANEL principles are one way of breaking down what a human rights-based approach means in practice. PANEL stands for Participation, Accountability, Non-Discrimination and Equality, Empowerment and Legality.

4 Human Rights Based Approach | Scottish Human Rights Commission

5 Combating rising hate against LGBTI people in Europe - Res. 2417 - Resolution - Adopted text (

6 Combating rising hate against LGBTI people in Europe - Res. 2417 - Resolution - Adopted text (

7 United Nations Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination - Country visit to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (24 April – 5 May 2023)

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9 United Kingdom (

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11 LGBTYS LiS e-use (

12 We use a broad definition of expenses, including all travel and subsistence, child care and PA/support worker expenses and time. Compensation for time reflects the commitment participants have made to be involved in projects.

13 We are committed to improving access to public services across Scotland. To do this, we are developing a digital identity service – ScotAccount. The main aim of ScotAccount is to improve people’s access to public services, by providing them with a safe, reusable, and easy way to prove who they are or what services they are eligible for. The service is privacy protecting and secure. Once someone has proven their identity they don’t need to do it again and it can be reused with another public service (reducing the need to use documents such as passports repeatedly to access services).

14 The Equality Evidence Finder brings together statistics and research for Scotland across different themes including for transgender status.

15 Any proposed changes to data collections will require agreement by the homelessness data review working group (made up of Scottish local authority representatives), with final decisions subject to Ministerial approval.

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