Non-binary equality action plan

The actions we will take to improve equality and bring about real, positive and lasting change to the lives of non-binary people in Scotland

Foreword from the Minister for Equalities, Migration and Refugees

We want to ensure that Scotland remains a global leader in advancing equality, inclusion and human rights. Our vision is for Scotland to be a place where everyone’s identity is recognised, respected and celebrated. It should be a place where everybody can participate, access rights and opportunities, and thrive in society. To achieve our vision, we are committed to improving the outcomes for non-binary people and the wider trans community in Scotland.

We committed to developing and publishing an action plan to improve equality and wellbeing for non-binary people, following receipt of the recommendations of the Working Group on Non‑Binary Equality, as set out in the Programme for Government 2021-22 and 2023-24, as well as the Bute House Agreement. While there has been a delay, this has meant we have been able to meaningfully engage with people with lived experience throughout its development.

This five-year action plan for 2023-2028 will take us forward on our journey towards realising our vision. It sets out the actions that we will take to deliver our commitments and begin to improve the lives of non-binary people and the wider trans community in Scotland. As part of our work, we will also review and improve existing policies, wherever possible, to ensure that they effectively meet the needs of non-binary people. We will work collaboratively with those with lived experience, as well as public bodies and third sector organisations in delivering this plan.

Some actions are straightforward and immediate whilst others are long-term and systemic, so will take time. However, they will all contribute to improving the lives of non-binary people in Scotland and begin to tackle some of the challenges that they currently face in their everyday lives.

I would like to once again thank the Working Group on Non-Binary Equality for producing their report and recommendations last year, which clearly articulated the barriers and exclusion faced by non-binary people, and the steps the Scottish Government and partners could take to reducing these.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank those non-binary people and LGBTQI+ equality organisations who have helped to inform this plan and who, I hope, will continue to play an important role in advising us on its delivery over the next five years and beyond.

I look forward to working together to achieve our vision as we strive for equality for all.

Emma Roddick

Minister for Equalities, Migration and Refugees



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