NHSScotland Local Delivery Plan Guidance 2015-16

The LDP Guidance 2015-16 sets out the performance contract between the Scottish Government and NHS Boards.

6. Community Planning Partnership Contribution

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, introduced to Parliament in June 2014, strengthens community planning by: giving Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) a statutory footing; explicitly stating public bodies, including NHS Boards, will work together with communities to improve outcomes for a local area; and placing new duties on a CPP and public sector partners to resource and improve local priority outcomes. The Bill will be enacted during 2015, subject to Parliamentary approval. But NHS Boards and partners should anticipate its provisions, both through their own contribution to community planning, and by monitoring and if necessary testing the contributions of other partners as part of effective performance management within the CPP. In light of the integration of health and social care (see above), NHS Boards will of course also need to work in partnership with the new Integration Authorities to ensure correlation between plans and consistency across the planning landscape.

In this LDP we are asking NHS Boards to indicate how they will continue to strengthen their approach to community planning during 2015/16, through both their direct contributions and how they demonstrate leadership within the CPP. This should focus on how the CPPs act to improve local priority outcomes which relate to health and wellbeing, and how they shift activity and spend towards tackling inequalities, prevention and community empowerment. The Scottish Government will discuss progress against these commitments with NHS Boards.


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