NHSScotland Local Delivery Plan Guidance 2015-16

The LDP Guidance 2015-16 sets out the performance contract between the Scottish Government and NHS Boards.

5. Workforce

Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision Implementation Plan 2015-16 builds on the actions from 2014-15. Boards are required to provide information on 2 key workforce areas in the LDP this year.

NHS Boards should provide a short outline of their local implementation plans for 2015-16 to deliver the 5 priorities in the Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision Implementation Plan 2015-16. The 5 priorities are: Healthy Organisational Culture, Sustainable Workforce, Capable Workforce, Integrated Workforce and Effective Leadership and Management.

NHS Boards should indicate any workforce areas where there is a risk to delivering service. Specifically Boards are asked to make clear reference to:

  • the use of Nursing and Midwifery Workload and Workforce Planning tools; recruitment issues, vacancy rates or concerns - professions or groups of professions affected, services affected - steps being taken or national approach required;
  • areas in which services are being developed which may have specific implications for the NHS workforce, or for individual professions as appropriate, and steps taken to manage these locally e.g. Health Visitors, School Nurses, Advance Nurse Practitioners, Health Care Support Workers;
  • demographic information i.e. age of workforce impacting on service delivery, local pressures, staff numbers, other workforce factors influencing the sustainability or otherwise of services;
  • how workforce factors are being dealt with as part of action being taken to address services which are under stress e.g. A&E, Oncology, Radiology.

NHS Boards will continue to be required to publish their wider workforce plan during 2015 and further guidance on the timings and process for submitting these, and workforce projections to the Scottish Government, will follow in due course. NHS Boards are reminded that the application of the Nursing and Midwifery Workload and Workforce Planning Tools are mandatory and should be used and documented in the development of Workforce Plans and workforce projections.


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