New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy 2024: engagement analysis report

Analysis of engagement which informed the development of Scotland’s New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy 2024.


1 New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland’s Communities 2014 - 2017

2 New Scots: refugee integration strategy 2018 to 2022 - (

3 New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy: 2024 - (

4 Phipps, A. , Aldegheri, E. and Fisher, D. (2022) The New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy: a report on the local and international dimensions of integrating refugees in Scotland. Project Report. University of Glasgow.

5 New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy 2018 to 2022: evaluation

6 In some instances, the numbers of young people in attendance were not recorded.

7 In some instances, demographic information related to particular groups in attendance was not recorded.

8 Conversely a few participants did suggest that policy language used can be opaque and work could be done to make it more user-friendly and clearly defined as they should also be accessible to non-specialists, including migrants and those working in the third sector.

9 See Language in relation to Policy Evaluation and Overarching Themes.

10 See Limitations Section.

11 Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how individuals' various social and political identities result in unique combinations of discrimination and privilege.

12 Addressed in the overarching themes section.

13 Recommendations on integration are available in the relevant section at the bottom of the document.

14 CLD Standards Council Scotland Response to Consultation, New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy, 20th December 2023, p5.



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