New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project: guidance

Information and guidance about the New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project, including how to apply for funding.

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Refugee status and settled status

The funding supports those refugees who have come to the end of the 5-year refugee status and are in the process of securing settled status or have received settled status (indefinite leave to remain - ILR).

In line with the New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy 2018 –2022, The New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project recognises that two-way integration does not end the day somebody’s refugee status expires. The rights-based approach at the heart of New Scots aims to ensure that refugees are empowered to know about their rights and to understand how to use them when moving to a new legal status.

Funds and the role of lead partner organisations 

For the purposes of monitoring and reporting, we require a lead partner to be listed in the application who will be responsible for:

  • providing the organisations’ bank details
  • overseeing the administration of the funds received
  • be the main point of contact throughout the project 

Submitting multiple bids from one organisation

If an organisation is submitting more than one bid (both independently and in partnership), all applications do not need to be submitted by the same dedicated individual.

The person listed as the main contact in the application is responsible for overseeing the project and, if relevant, keeping the partnership on track. 

If an organisation is sending in more than one project it is important that the staff/volunteers working on the separate projects keep in touch with one another so that they don’t go over the permitted number of applications each organisation is allowed.

Project type selection

It is understandable that a number of projects will incorporate both good practice and innovation.

In this instance, please select which aspect of the project is of more prominence:

  • innovation: new ways of working, new collaborations, and new approaches to integration; or
  • good practice: building on existing models which are being applied on a larger scale, to a new geographic area or a new population

Evidencing good practice

The grant application guidance provides links to examples of refugee integration projects across Scotland which demonstrate good practice. As well as these examples, you can reference internal monitoring and/or external reports which demonstrate the successful impact of existing work which your project is based on.

Supporting documentation that is not online

If reports have not been published online and a link is not available, you can add these documents as attachments to your online application. 

You can also e-mail them to If you are emailing them please make sure you include the name of your project and the lead organisation in the email.



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