New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project: guidance

Information and guidance about the New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project, including how to apply for funding.

Funding model

A multiple criteria funding model was developed by the NSRIDP team to reflect the aims and objectives of the fund. The model included a series of categories, distinguished by the size of the application, the theme under which the application was submitted (e.g. health and wellbeing; arts, culture, sport etc.) and whether it was ‘spreading good practice’ or ‘supporting innovation’.

The aim of this model was to ensure that the £2.8 million funded a good spread of projects across the different categories, in-line with the funding call, whilst ensuring the highest-scoring applications were funded. It is important to note that due to the extremely high quality of applications, the margin between successful and unsuccessful projects was frequently very narrow.

Further details of the multiple criteria funding model will be published by Scottish Government in due course.

Number of applications and awarded applications

A total of 211 applications were made by 164 organisations. Of these applications, 49 (23%) were made for small grants, 51 (24%) were made for medium grants and 111 (53%) were made for large grants The total value of funding requested was £10,503,413.

Following the scoring and multiple criteria modelling, 56 applications, made by 51 organisations, have been selected for funding. Of these, 15 (27%) are for small grants, 13 (22%) are for medium grants and 28 (51%) are for large grants. Five organisations were awarded funding for two separate applications. The total value of funding being awarded to the successful applicants is £2,775,219.

Further analysis of the applications and awards will be published by Scottish Government in due course.

Inclusion of organisations who have not been funded as part of NSRIDP

While unfortunately we could not fund all applications, we remain confident that all organisations across Scotland that engage in refugee services can benefit from this project. The overarching aim of the New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy is to provide a framework for how Scotland can ensure that refugees and asylum seekers can rebuild their lives from day one. The NSRIDP plays an important role in this, by facilitating the development of tools and practises that can be shared across Scotland. However we are very clear that this funding call is only one aspect of the overall NSRDIP. NSRIDP officers across all partners aim to work with all organisations – successful applicants and others (sadly the majority) whose applications have not been successful to this particular funding stream - all of whom are making a significant contribution to refugee integration across Scotland. The number of applications to this fund demonstrates how much quality and impactful work is underway across Scotland in this regard.

The NSRIDP will allow funded projects to develop these tools, and a range of monitoring and evaluation activities will ensure a comprehensive collection of data to allow these integration tools to be developed and shared with organisations across Scotland.

The NSRIDP includes plans for a conference and a number of events surrounding the New Scots Strategy. All applicants and relevant stakeholders will be made aware of these events when details are finalised.

Administering the funding

This funding will be administered by the Scottish Government, in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council, COSLA and the University of Glasgow.

Feedback on applications

If you would like feedback on your application, please contact

Further questions and complaints

If none of your questions have been addressed or you wish to make a complaint, please contact



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