Dementia strategy: initial 2-year delivery plan - 2024 to 2026

This delivery plan sets out how Scottish Government and COSLA will work with the voices of lived experience and delivery partners to begin to realise the vision for change set out in our new dementia strategy for Scotland: Everyone's Story

Investment: Working With Partners To Maximise Impact

The Scottish Government has carried out research looking into spend across a range of services and settings used for the care and support of people with dementia. From this, we estimate that over £2 billion[1] is being used as part of core spending for the care and support of people living with dementia. This is to provide essential services and meet people’s needs. We want to work closely with Integration Authorities, Local authorities and Health Boards to explore how this strategy and delivery plan can support local strategic planning including learning from areas of good practice.

How we’ll deliver:

  • We commit over the first two years of delivery to work in partnership with Integration Authorities, Local authorities, Health Boards and other key partners to consider how to maximise impact, the areas of good practice and the challenges partners are facing. This will help develop future delivery plans and strategic priority areas for investment.
  • The Delivery Plan highlights key areas for focus for the first two years of the Strategy and will be a useful resource for Integration Authorities, Local authorities and NHS Boards in their local strategic planning by having a national strategic direction.

[1] This figure has been derived from a cost of illness study, which aims to identify and value the resources that are associated with a particular condition. This is inclusive of core health and social care services providing essential care for people living with dementia. Therefore elements of this estimated spend will be fixed on particular settings or supports that cannot be redirected.



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