New build developments – delivering gigabit-capable connections: partial business and regulatory impact assessment

Partial business and regulatory impact assessment for the consultation “New Build Developments – Delivering Gigabit-capable Connections”.

8. Digital Impact Test

  • Does the measure take account of changing digital technologies and markets?

    Yes, the proposals align with Scottish Government and UK Government priorities around the rollout of digital infrastructure. Technological advances place an ever-greater importance to social and economic wellbeing on access to online services, including digital public services such as healthcare or education.

    By reducing the number of homes built without gigabit-capable connections and lowering the cost of retrospective deployment the policy seeks to address issues around the lack of availability of good quality internet connections – in particular to rural areas and smaller developments that disproportionately receive copper-based connections. By lowering the barriers to the provision of gigabit-capable connections this will improve digital inclusion and ensuring no one is left behind and that new housing stock is fit for purpose as the rollout of gigabit-capable networks through commercial activity and publicly funded interventions continues.

  • If the measure can be applied in an offline and online environment will this in itself have any adverse impact on incumbent operators?

    No – engagement between housing developers and network operators will continue along existing industry practices.

    Applications for a building warrant to a local authority can be done through the national eBuilding standards Portal this is a digital process, accessible to all users of the building standards system. Downloadable versions of building standards forms are also available from the Scottish Government website. They can be downloaded, completed, and submitted in paper format to local authorities if required.



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