New build developments – delivering gigabit-capable connections: partial business and regulatory impact assessment

Partial business and regulatory impact assessment for the consultation “New Build Developments – Delivering Gigabit-capable Connections”.

13. Summary and Recommendations

The option to provide updated statutory guidance and amend building regulations is designed to deliver the best connections to the widest number of homes whilst ensuring stakeholders are not liable for unreasonable costs, in order to do this we propose an obligation on developers in addition to the agreements in place between operators and the UK Government.

Commercial agreements will remain the principal way that gigabit capable connections at outset to new build housing developments with these proposals acting as a backstop position for where a gigabit capable connection is not available at outset.

Improved connectivity brings benefits across a number of wider Scottish Government priority areas – a reduction in travel, access to education, access to health and social services as well as wider consumer benefits from being able to access online services.



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