Neonatal Care in Scotland: A Quality Framework

Neonatal Care in Scotland: A Quality Framework defines the approach to the provision of high quality care for neonates and their families to which NHSScotland is committed

Appendix One: NEAG Membership

Group Member Designation
Professor Stewart Forsyth OBE Chair*#
Dr Sean Ainsworth Scottish Neonatal Consultants Group
Ms Christine Birrell SANDS
Mrs Liz Blackman Secretariat (NSD)
Dr Phil Booth Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health#
Dr Catherine Calderwood Scottish Government
Professor Alan Cameron Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Mr Andy Cole BLISS
Ms Katherine Collins National Services Division (NSD)
Ms Rosslyn Crocket Nurse Directors (until February 2012)
Ms Emma Currer Scottish Partnership Forum
Mr Carl Davis Neonatal Surgeon
Mr John Froggatt Scottish Government
Ms Marie Gardiner MCN - Network Manager, North* (From June 2011)
Dr Annie Ingram Regional Planning Group - North
Dr Nikolaus Kau MCN - Lead Clinician, North*
Ms Heather Knox Regional Planning Group - West
Dr Ian Laing MCN - Lead Clinician, SEAT*
Ms Jan McClean Regional Planner, SEAT* (until Jan 2011)
Mr Ken Mitchell Regional Planning Group - North* (until June 2011)
Ms Lynne Nicol Scottish Government
Derek Phillips Workforce Planning#
Ms Iona Philp MCN - Network Manager, SEAT* (From Jan 2011)
Ms Jane Reid AHP Lead
Mrs Sylvia Shearer Scottish Government (until June 2011)
Ms Jacqui Simpson Regional Planning Group - SEAT
Dr Charles Skeoch MCN - Lead Clinician, West*
Ms Elinor Smith Nurse Directors (from March 2012)
Mrs Fiona Tait MCN - Network Manager, West (+RCN)*
Mr John Wilson Chief Executives Group
Ms Alison Wright Scottish Neonatal Nurses Group#

* Working Group
# Workforce Subgroup


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