A National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan for Scotland to 2016: Driving Improvement, Integration and Innovation

A joint National Delivery Plan from the Scottish Government, CoSLA and NHS Scotland, it sets out the vision and direction for a Scotland in which the use of technology, which plays an increasing role in our everyday lives, will be integrated into service development and delivery, transforming access to and availability of services in our homes and communities and more acute settings.

This Delivery Plan sets out 6 workstreams, each with specific actions to be delivered by 2015.


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4. Scotland's current definitions of telehealth, telecare and telehealthcare are outlined in Appendix One

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11. Appendix Two outlines the governance and reporting structure of NTTAB and SALPB.

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14. Invention is the creation of a new idea, tool or process. Innovation is the application of an invention which generates benefit.


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