National Taskforce for Human Rights: leadership report

The report and recommendations of the National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership.

Annex C: Briefing Papers of Academic Advisory Panel and the Report of the Bonavero Institute

The Taskforce is indebted to the Academic Advisory Panel, chaired by Professor Nicole Busby of the University of Glasgow and composed of leading human rights academics, who contributed a series of valuable briefing papers on key aspects of the development of a new statutory human rights framework.

Please note that the Academic Advisory Panel papers represent the authors' views and were presented to inform discussion at the National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership.

The Taskforce was also privileged to receive from the Bonavero Institute a report on
"The Development and Application of the Concept of the Progressive Realisation of Human Rights: Report to the Scottish National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership." This paper was commissioned by the Taskforce.

The Institute, housed within the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, undertakes world class research in the field of human rights law and fosters public engagement in human rights issues.



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