Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006: national review progress report

This joint report from the Association of Directors of Education, the National Parent Forum and the Scottish Government outlines the progress that has been made in the fields of parental involvement, parental engagement, family learning and learning at home.

‘National Review’ Progress report

The National Parent Forum of Scotland, Scottish Government and ADES have reviewed the 38 recommendations of the ‘National Review’ and have outlined the work being taken forward to address these in the following Interim Report.

The Interim Report captures the significant progress that has been made since the review was published in 2017 and the work that is on-going to build on this success.

In August 2018, CoSLA and the Scottish Government published the joint ‘Learning Together’ Nationala Action Plan on parental involvement, engagement, family learning and learning at home 2018-2021. The plan sets out a vision for parental involvement and engagement for the next three years. It covers the journey that a child takes from pre-birth to age 18. It takes account of the national and international evidence base as well as policy and practice expertise across the Scottish education system.  It contains 13 goals and 52 national actions. It provides a national vision but it allows for local and community innovation and flexibility. Importantly, it highlights the leadership of those who make the difference day in and day out: parents and families, teachers, head-teachers, managers, practitioners and other partners. 

It is the assessment of the Scottish Government, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland and the National Parent Forum of Scotland that the majority of the recommendations covered in the ‘National Review’ have been incorporated into the actions of the ‘Learning Together’: National Action Plan and that in several areas the National Action Plan has gone beyond the scope of the review.

A comprehensive breakdown of the recommendations from the ‘National Review’ and the how these are being taken forward through actions in the Learning Together’: National Action Plan is set out in Annex A below.

While this progress is encouraging, we also recognise that there is still a great deal of work to do to deliver on the ambition of the Learning Together’: National Action Plan and to make this work a reality for all parents and schools across Scotland. We will continue to work together to achieve this collective goal.



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