A National Mission with Local Impact - draft infrastructure investment plan 2021‑2022 to 2025‑2026: consultation

We are consulting on this Draft Infrastructure Investment Plan which covers the financial years 2021-2022 to 2025-2026 and outlines a coherent approach to delivering our National Infrastructure Mission and demonstrates the vital role infrastructure has to play in enabling inclusive, net zero and sustainable growth.

Annex A - Infrastructure Commission for Scotland Remit

The Infrastructure Commission for Scotland was established by Scottish Ministers and started work in 2019 to provide independent, informed advice on the vision, ambition and priorities for infrastructure in Scotland to meet our 30-year economic growth and societal needs. Chaired by Ian Russell CBE, the group were further tasked with providing additional advice on the delivery of infrastructure in Scotland. The Infrastructure Commission was asked to work with the Scottish Government definition of infrastructure.


Infrastructure Commission members:

  • Ian Russell CBE, Chair
  • Professor Iain Docherty, University of Stirling
  • Ken Gillespie, Homes for Scotland
  • Benny Higgins
  • Mary Pitcaithly OBE, Scottish Police Authority
  • Rachel Skinner, UK Head of Transport, WSP Global
  • Grahame Smith, General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress
  • Sara Thiam, Chief Executive, Scottish Council for Development and Industry
  • John Trower, Optimity
  • Professor Janette Webb, University of Edinburgh


The Commission will provide independent, informed advice on the vision, ambition and priorities for a long-term, 30 year strategy for infrastructure in Scotland to meet our future economic growth and societal needs. This will support the Scottish Government’s delivery of its National Infrastructure Mission and development of the next Infrastructure Investment Plan for the 5 years ahead. The Commission will advise on the key strategic and early foundation investments to significantly boost economic growth and support delivery of Scotland’s low carbon objectives and achievement of our climate change targets.

Following the completion of this report the Commission will be asked to provide advice to Scottish Ministers on the delivery of infrastructure in Scotland, including the possible creation of a Scottish National Infrastructure Company.


The Advisory Commission will report on infrastructure ambitions and priorities by the end of 2019, and may make interim recommendations e.g. around guiding principles supporting the evolution of a coherent Infrastructure Investment Plan across sectors.

It is anticipated that a following 6 month period will be required to consider recommendations on delivery models.

The Commission should work in a way which is:

  • Engaging and widely consultative across all of Scotland and civic society
  • Credible, objective and evidence-based
  • Outward looking, forward thinking and innovative


The Commission should pay attention to strategic drivers such as: securing Scotland’s international competitiveness; the markets and connections Scotland requires for goods, services and people; how to prioritise investment to deliver inclusive economic growth and low carbon objectives; demographic and other social change factors; place-making; technological change and innovation; and considerations around development, ownership and financing of infrastructure, including Fair Work.

The Commission can determine how to progress its work, and may use future-focused scenario planning tools or existing or new research and evidence.

Commissioners will be responsible for:

  • Bringing specific skills and experience
  • Providing expert, impartial advice
  • Engaging widely with stakeholders including industry, expert and interest groups, government, local government and public bodies, civic society and the public

Overarching objectives for the Infrastructure Commission’s work

  • delivering sustainable inclusive economic growth across Scotland
  • managing the transition to a more resource efficient, lower carbon economy
  • supporting delivery of efficient, high quality, modern public services
  • increasing industry competitiveness, whilst tackling inequality
  • enhancing societal living conditions now and in the future
  • ensuring alignment with the new National Planning Framework

Infrastructure Commission for Scotland reports.

Phase 1: Key findings report: A blueprint for Scotland[23]

Phase 2: Delivery Findings Report: A blueprint for Scotland[24]


Email: InfrastructureInvestmentStrategy@gov.scot

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