National discussion on education: consultation analysis

This report outlines the key findings from the ‘listening phase’ of the National Discussion on Scottish Education which took place between September and December 2022.

7. Conclusions

The level of engagement with the National Discussion for Education was exceptional; at least 12,323 participants shared their views in various formats over 5,671 responses.

Learners, parents, teaching staff and many other stakeholders with detailed knowledge shared their hopes for the future which will help to provide a useful evidence base for the co-facilitators of the National Discussion and the Scottish Government to draw on when developing their vision and Call to Action. This report provides a high-level analysis which reflects the range of participants' experiences, expertise and perspectives[6].

While some clear priorities are evident, we emphasise that nuance, different perspectives and multi-faceted responses featured in each strand of debate. It is unlikely that the new vision for education will satisfy all, and it will be a challenge to address the full range of ambitions expressed by those who participated in the National Discussion, given diverse priorities and the scale of the change that some would like to see.

Responses from Children's Parliament event
Letters from participants in Children's Parliament event explaining what they would like to see in Scottish education



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