Future of fisheries management in Scotland: national discussion paper

Seeks to start an in-depth nationwide discussion with stakeholders to help inform and develop Scotland’s Future Fisheries Management Strategy.

Annex B: Current Stakeholder Groups With Regular Scheduled Meetings With Scottish Government

Table B.1: Current stakeholder groups





Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (FMAC)

A decision-making body and discussion forum concerned with all issues connected to sea fisheries management

As required

Fisheries representative bodies, POs, environmental bodies, UKFA observers

Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (IFMAC)

Fishing industry stakeholder group that discusses inshore fisheries management issues of national importance.


Fishing industry reps, eNGOs, RIFGs

Scottish Association of Fisheries Producer Organisations (SAFPO)

Quota Management issues


Scottish POs

Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups (RIFGs)

Non-statutory advisory groups that aim to improve inshore fisheries management within 6 nm, and representation of inshore fishermen.


Fishing industry reps, individual fishermen, SNH, LAs

Scottish Discard Steering Group (SDSG)

Discuss landing obligation and future catching policy

As required

Fishing industry reps, POs, eNGOs

Scallop Industry Consultation Group (SICG)

Discusses scallop management and effort allocations


Scallop sector reps, POs, UKFAs


Email: ffm@gov.scot

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