Together we can, together we will: consultation

Consultation by National Consultation of Rural Advisers (NCRA) to help inform recommendations for Scottish Government on future policy direction for the rural economy.


1. The NCRA is co-chaired by Lorne Crerar and Alison Milne with an additional membership of twelve, details of which can be found in the member biographies section. It functions as an independent body providing advice and recommendations on future rural policy to support a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive rural economy.

2. Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy RESAS stands for Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services. The RESAS definition of the rural economy clusters Local Authorities into four categories based upon "Larger cities", "Urban with Substantial Rural Areas", "Mainly Rural" and "Islands and Remote".

3. Regional gross value added is the value generated by any unit engaged in the production of goods and services. GVA per head is a useful way of comparing regions of different sizes. It is not, however, a measure of regional productivity.

4. Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy

5. Workshops were chosen based on geographical spread within Scotland and were held in Perth, Dumfries, Kilmarnock, Forth Valley, Inverurie, Melrose, Kirkwall, Dingwall, Oban, Uist and Stornoway.

6. For a report summarising the 'Rural Thinks' workshops, please see our consultation website at

7. According to the RESAS definition of rurality - Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy

8. Annual Population Survey, Annual Population Survey, January to December 2016, (Using Scottish Government RESAS classification)

9. Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy

10. SRUC (2018). Farm Workers in Scottish Agriculture: Case Studies in the International Seasonal Migrant Labour Market. Available at:


12. Self-employment in rural areas twice that of urban, 'portfolio' working is common – many people doing more than one job, or a combination of employment and self-employment

Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy

13. Understanding the Scottish Rural Economy

14. Ibid



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