National Care Standards: Housing Support Services

National Care Standards Housing Support Services Edition

Annex A Glossary

Advocate or Advocacy

A person who is independent of any aspect of the service or of any of the statutory agencies involved in paying for, or providing, the service. They act on behalf of, and in the interests of, the person using the service. The advocate helps the person to express herself or himself.


A person who looks after family, partners or friends who need help because they are ill, frail or have a disability. The care they provide is unpaid.

Complaints process

Clear procedures that help the person using the service or others to comment or complain about any aspect of the service.


Information presented in a layout that is suitable for you. This could be in easy-read language, braille, on tape or on disk.

Personal plan

A plan of how the housing support service will be provided, agreed between you (and/or your representative) and the service provider.


The disclosure by an employee (or professional) of confidential information which relates to some danger, fraud or other illegal or unethical conduct connected with the workplace, be it of the employer or of his fellow employees. (Lord Barrie QC 1995)

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