National Care Standards: Care homes for people with learning disabilities

National Care Standards: Care homes for people with learning disabilities Edition

Moving on

Introduction to standard 20

Moving on should be a positive experience. You should be able to choose where you move to, and be ready to accept your responsibilities. You should be confident about using the knowledge and skills you learnt while living in the home.

If the move is to be successful, you must be able to take your time. As you did when you first moved into the care home, you can expect that you, your family members and 'circle of support' will be involved in all the planning stages related to moving on. You should have up-to-date and accurate advice about independent living options, including direct payments.

Moving on

Standard 20

You are involved in plenty of time in planning and discussing how best to prepare for you to move on. The planning and discussion also involve your carer or representative (or both), and the staff at the home.

1 You can visit the place you are moving to and keep your current accommodation while you make a decision about moving.

2 You have the opportunity to keep up friendships.

3 You are involved in assessing the possible risk for yourself or others if you move.

4 You and your relatives receive social and emotional support during and after the move. You have regular contact with the same worker throughout and after the move.

5 If you have to leave because the home can no longer provide for your needs or has to close, the move will involve the least amount of risk and disruption to you.

6 Your records are passed on to your new service provider as soon as possible. They will be complete and up-to-date, and will have been put together with your involvement and agreement.

7 You have a representative and family support to help you make the move.

When you move from a children's service to an adult service

8 You are supported by a named worker throughout the move and you will have regular contact with that person.

9 Staff in your old and new homes will work closely together to make sure the move goes smoothly.

10 You are involved in all meetings in relation to your move and future.

11 You have an independent representative, family support and 'circle of support' to help you make the move.

12 You are provided with clear and co-ordinated information that you can understand on what will happen to you during the move.

13 Staff from your new care home are involved in the discussion about your future plans and are made aware of how the change will affect you emotionally.

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