National Care Service: statement of benefits

Sets out the benefits of the National Care Service that can be achieved, through legislation and co-design. Highlights where further evidence gathering and consideration may still be required to help inform future decisions around its design and delivery.

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Delivering a system that is genuinely accountable to people

Scottish Ministers will become accountable for social care and social work support delivered through the NCS. We know that people expect Scottish Ministers to be accountable for these services. Creating the NCS will enable them to make the improvements people want to see consistently across the country.

This would see the NCS at a national level setting the overall framework and standards for how community health, social care and social work are delivered. It will monitor performance of local delivery bodies for the services they plan, commission and procure. National bodies responsible for monitoring standards and performance in the provision of health and social care will play a role where appropriate. This would be similar to the powers that Ministers currently have in relation to NHS Boards.

This will ensure people across Scotland have access to consistent services and standards of care. Importantly this approach also allows for the local flexibility to meet the individual needs of the broad range of people and communities across Scotland, including our island communities.



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