National Care Service: keeping you informed survey

We want to understand the best way to let you know what we are doing to develop the National Care Service (NCS). This survey will let you tell us how you would like to find out updates and news about the NCS.

Sending the survey to us

You can fill in this survey on your computer using the PDF version supplied, save a copy and email it to: 

or print it out, write your answers on, and post it to:
NCS Communications and Engagement, St. Andrew's House, Regent Road, Edinburgh EH1 3DG

If you prefer, you can complete the survey online. We have created help to complete the survey in British Sign Language and audio. These are available through the online survey.

If you are filling in the survey on your computer, click on the box of the answer you agree with and a tick will appear.

If you change your mind you can click on it again to untick it.

If you have printed the survey, put a tick or a cross in the box of the answers you have chosen.

Miss out a question if you do not know the answer.

You do not have to answer a question if you do not want to.



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