National Care Service: keeping you informed survey

We want to understand the best way to let you know what we are doing to develop the National Care Service (NCS). This survey will let you tell us how you would like to find out updates and news about the NCS.

What are my rights?

It is up to you if you want to take part.

  • you can leave the survey at any time
  • you do not have to give a reason for leaving

We will keep what you tell us private.

  • you can ask to see any information about you that we have kept

It is kept in a private computer folder that can only be opened by the survey team

  • you can ask us to change or get rid of what we know about you and what you said in the survey, at any time

Sometimes we cannot do this - for example if we have already published a report about the research.

No-one can work out who you are from the report.

We keep what you tell us for up to two years.

After two years we get rid of what you have told us.



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