National Care Service Forum 2023: follow-up questions and answers - easy read

On 30 October 2023, we hosted our annual National Care Service (NCS) National Forum in Glasgow. In this easy read we have collected and answered some of the questions people asked on the day.

What is the Charter and what will it do?

The Charter of Rights and Responsibilities will help people understand their rights and what to expect from the NCS. It will help them find support, advice and information.

It will help people when they are getting:

  • social care support
  • social work services
  • community health services

The Charter will also tell people what to do if something goes wrong. This might mean:

  • making a complaint
  • getting independent advocacy

We want the Charter to be able to change if it needs to. For example, if there are changes in the law or the rules for the NCS.



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