National Care Service: consultation analysis

Analysis of stakeholders' responses to our consultation on a National Care Service.

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1. Please see the discussion on the limitations on the analysis in Chapter 2 of this report.

2. Please note that the base sizes in the quantitative data are quite low by organisation type

3. Please note that these quantitative results are evidently and necessarily based on the quantifiable Citizen Space data and on the self-designation of respondents as discussed in Chapter 2.

4. Please note that, as we have noted in Chapter 2, not all respondents identified as an individual or an organisation. This means that, in some instances, the overall total will not be the sum of the individual and organisational responses.

5. In the majority of cases, there is no indication of the number or type of participants in the meeting or of the extent to which the comments were endorsed by the group. Please therefore treat this summary of findings as indicative only.

6. Please note that nurses working in social care must retain their registration and that the Scottish system no longer trains enrolled nurses.



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