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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA):national guidance 2016

Published: 3 Mar 2016
Safer Communities Directorate
Part of:
Law and order

Ministerial guidance to responsible authorities on the discharge of their obligations under section 10 of the Management of Offenders etc. (Scotland) Act 2005.

201 page PDF

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201 page PDF

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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA):national guidance 2016
MAPPA Document 9

201 page PDF

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MAPPA Document 9

Template For Requests For MAPPA Meeting Minutes

Dear Name of Requestor,

I have received your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY asking for copies of MAPPA Meeting Minutes in relation to:

(Offender name)
(Offender current address)
(Offender date of birth)

The minutes that you have requested contain third party, confidential, sensitive ( add/delete, as necessary) information. Therefore, it is not possible to release them in full and, in accordance with MAPPA Guidance, I enclose the Minutes Executive Summary.

Should you require more detailed information provided to the MAPPA meeting by a specific agency, please request that information directly from that agency.

Yours sincerely,

( MAPPA Role)
( MAPPA Area)