GDP Monthly Estimate: October 2023

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics measure changes in the output of the economy. This is an Official Statistics in Development publication for Scotland.

Industry Results

The industry with the largest contribution to GDP growth is Electricity and Gas Supply, which contributed -0.2 percentage points to the October headline figure of ‑0.5%. This fall follows a very strong month for Electricity and Gas Supply output in September, in which those industries contributed 0.4 percentage points of growth to the headline GDP of 0.1%. Electricity and Gas Supply output varies strongly from month to month and often contributes a large proportion to monthly growth or contraction.


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has noted that October 2023 had exceptionally wet weather, as detailed in the Met Office's October 2023 weather report (PDF, 4.8MB). This report stated that "this was provisionally the equal-sixth wettest October on record for the UK in a series from 1836". The wet period in October 2023 was cited as a negative factor from businesses, most notably in the construction, retail, pubs and tourism (outdoor recreation activities) sectors.


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