Monthly GDP background information

Information and guidance on the experimental monthly GPD statistics, including data sources and methodology.

The Scottish Government produces estimates of quarterly GDP growth for Scotland using data sources and methods which are very similar to those used by ONS for the UK as a whole.

A large proportion of the data used for quarterly GDP is built up from monthly information. We have developed new methods and systems to use these data for monthly estimates. At the same time, we are continuing to seek out additional data and information which help to provide better monthly estimates for the parts of the economy covered by other data sources.

We are grateful to the data suppliers across other Government departments, the ONS, and businesses which have been able to supply us with timely monthly data in addition to the regular quarterly data we receive.

Information on the data sources and methods used for quarterly GDP can be found at About GDP - Information relating to the development of monthly GDP will be added in due course.



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