Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) Continuation and future pricing: Stage 2: Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Scottish Government developed a Children's Rights & Wellbeing Impact Assessment to assess the of the continuation and uprating of Minimum Unit Price (MUP) of children and young people living in Scotland.

12. Planning for the review of impact on child rights (Stage 3)

As part of completing the Final Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment, we have set out our proposed arrangements for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the increased price going forward. To summarise, data on alcohol are routinely collected and this will continue. Both the alcohol surveillance and DAISy[20] systems collect data on alcohol sales, price, harms, treatment and will feed into the annual reporting of trends in consumption, price and harm.

Stage 3 (evaluation) will be undertaken once the increase in price to 65ppu has been in place for a suitable time period. This has not been determined at this stage.


Email: MUP@gov.soct

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