Mental health law in Scotland: guide to named persons

A named person is someone who can look after your interests if you are cared for or treated under mental health legislation. This guide provides information to help you understand your rights.

6. Cancelling (Revoking) a Nomination

If you change your mind about your named person you can cancel (revoke) your nomination as long as you have capacity to make that decision. You might change your mind because your named person has moved away or you think someone else would be better in this role.

You can revoke your nomination at any time. To revoke your nomination it must be in writing and signed by you in front of a witness. Your witness needs to confirm that you understand what it means to not have a named person and that you haven't been put under undue pressure by anyone to make this decision. Your witness will also need to sign and date your revocation (see section 7).

If the person can no longer act for you, you should revoke their nomination and consider whether you want to nominate anyone else. Until you nominate someone else you will not have a named person.

A form for revoking a nomination can be downloaded from the forms section at but your hospital or local council may have their own version of the form which they can provide you with.

A named person can also decide that they no longer want to be your named person (see section 9 on how to find further information and advice).


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