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Meeting global challenges and making a difference - aligning international development policy with global goals: analysis of responses

Published: 29 Sep 2016
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Analysis of responses received during consultation on international development policy.

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Meeting global challenges and making a difference - aligning international development policy with global goals: analysis of responses
11 'Beyond aid' agenda (Q21)

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11 'Beyond aid' agenda (Q21)

11.1 Section 5 of the consultation document explained that the consultation would also include reference to other Scottish Government portfolios, in recognition of the Scottish Government's commitment to 'policy coherence for development' ( PCD) and of the international work that other Ministers were engaged in. Question 21 invited comments on this.

Question 21: In the longer term, Scottish Government is committed to integrating the principles and priorities of its International Development programme into its broader policy agenda. Please share any views you have as to where we should best focus our efforts in the 'Beyond Aid' agenda.

11.2 Respondents affirmed the importance of the 'Beyond Aid' agenda and that tackling the underlying causes of poverty and moving away from dependency on external development funds required policy action on a very broad front. Indeed the 'Beyond Aid' agenda was seen by some as synonymous with 'policy coherence for development'. Other broad areas of focus for the 'Beyond Aid' agenda were also identified. These are considered in turn below.

Policy coherence for development

11.3 Respondents across all groups agreed that PCD was required and emphasised the importance of developing and implementing (an action plan for) it. Respondents, especially those connected to NIDOS, pointed to a range of recently published reports which had set out recommendations for how to achieve PCD [11] . Examples of good practice within PCD were offered ( e.g. in relation to climate change, DECs).

11.4 Aspects of the PCD approach which were particularly emphasised included:

  • The importance of a cross-departmental and cross-party approach, aligned with other appropriate organisations ( e.g. DfID), with coordination achieved through the First Minister's office
  • Regular (annual) reports providing an assessment of the impact of policy on international development
  • Aligning domestic policy (Scotland, UK) with the Global Goals
  • Ensuring the breadth of both aid and non-aid policy was included ( e.g. human rights, gender policies, tax evasion, climate change).

Other areas for focus in relation to the 'Beyond Aid' agenda

11.5 A range of other broad areas were identified as vital in relation to the 'Beyond Aid' agenda. These covered:

  • Educating all citizens both at home and abroad about the international development agenda and the global outcomes being sought. The embedding of global citizenship as a topic within the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland was welcomed. However, more focus on public engagement activities was thought to be required as well as more education on specific topics (such as the impact of tourism).
  • Improving governance through building strong institutions in partner countries. This was thought to be very important given the prerequisite of good governance for tackling poverty and for holding governments to account. Respondents called for capacity building within institutions in partner countries through exchanges, and through sharing knowledge and expertise. Good governance would also require proper arrangements to be in place for evaluation.
  • Focusing on sustainable economic development and improving trade arrangements. Respondents discussed the importance of fair trade principles and good practice in procurement.
  • Partnership working. Building and developing structures for partnership which include national and local government, civil society, business, and local communities. These must build respect and mutual support.

Specific initiatives for focus in relation to the 'Beyond Aid' agenda

11.6 Respondents discussed a very wide variety of specific initiatives which could be pursued in relation to the 'Beyond Aid' agenda. These included projects in arts, education, technology, business, renewables, food production, visa application systems, digital transformation, health, water and sanitation, organic agriculture, micro loan finance, and more.